Three Things I Changed to Use My Time Better


The three things that I changed to manage my time better was to prioritize my activities, use a calendar, and set goals. Prioritizing is very important. All my activities should be on a scale of 1-10. School is #1, watching movies is #10 and so on. Every day I should do the activities with the highest priorities. Prioritizing my activities will almost be impossible without using a calendar. A calendar allows me to keep my activities in order and keeps me from spending too much time on one activity. After setting up the calendar, I started setting goals for my activities. Setting goals for my activities allowed me to make progress. Here is an example of how I prioritized my activities, used a calendar, and set goals. Here is a list of my activities consisting of school, piano, chores, and reading. As I prioritize my activities, school becomes #1, piano #2, chores # 3, and reading #4. After I have prioritized my activities, I put them into a calendar. School is from 8:00-2:00, piano from 2:30-3:30, chores are from 3:45-4:15, and reading is from 4:30-5:00. Next, I set goals for my activities. For school I have to have an essay written by Friday. For piano I have to have a classical song perfected by Saturday. For chores my goal is to clean the entire house in two days. For reading I should have a book finished in three weeks. Prioritizing, using a calendar, and setting goals has helped me to use my time more wisely.


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