Price Controls Are People Controls

Some people say, “Government should control prices, but not people.” What they are unaware of is that these two are the same. The nature of price controls is to control people. People are the only ones who care about prices. For example when the government enforces minimum wages, it is the people that the government controls not the products or services. It controls people by preventing them from making a profit and expanding their small business. It controls people by preventing them from buying what they want because they are not allowed to offer a price. A person who is in favor of price controls wants to use the power of the government to control people for his own benefits. He wants the government to tell his landlord that he cannot rent an apartment or house above a certain price. He hates competition. He does not want his landlord to tell him he has to pack up because someone is offering a higher price. Ultimately he favors controlling and forcing people to do what he wants them to do. When you look for the purpose of price controls you see it leads to people control. We will never truly be free until all price controls are abolished.



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